About us

Talk2human was conceived as the solution to the growing number of people complaining about the ridiculous hold time that they experience when trying to reach a human customer service representative.

Less time on hold. Better customer service experience.

In our modern times, with so many people that have requirements that need to be fulfill constantly we have entered an era in which we are accustomed to wait. Waiting is not a bad thing, the problem arises when the waiting time is too long. Currently it’s estimated that customers are put on hold between 10 to 20 minutes per week and over a lifetime this translates into around 43 days on hold.


To resolve this problem many companies have adopted a “solution” that address most of the customers inquiries or concerns with an automated system that in the end doesn’t solve all of the problems and in the end creates frustrated customers.


We firmly believe that people deserve a better customer service experience, that’s why we created Talk2Human.


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Stop wasting your precious time on hold and get a service that will save you hours and a lot of frustrations.